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The Small Sash Window Company

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my windows still fully open once the locks have been fitted?

Yes. Unlock with the key, and the sashes can be fully opened.

Can your locks be fitted to any type of window?

Angel Ventlocks are specifically designed for timber double hung sash windows, but we can supply suitable locks to fit any type of window e.g. aluminium or timber.

What is the difference between your locks and other brands?

Unlike other child safety locks, ours are a unique system, new to Australia. However, they are widely used and are Europe’s and USA’s best-selling child safety lock.

The locking system is so easy to use, one click with your finger and lock with a simple turn of the key.

Our locks are stylish and slimline especially suited for sash windows unlike multi bolt brands or cable locks that look clumsy and often have extra drilled holes in your sash when in the closed position.

Have these locks been tested to Australian standards?

Yes, they have gone through extensive strength and quality testing. Each lock fitting comes with a certificate of compliance to Australian standards AS 5203:2016

Is it necessary to have two locks fitted to each window?

No, one lock fitted to each window is fine and meets the Australian Standards. It is just a matter of the look you prefer. Although, two locks add elegance and enhance your window.

I live in a Strata Managed building. Do I have to have locks fitted?

To help prevent children falling from windows, all Strata buildings in NSW must be fitted with devices that enable their windows to be locked with a 12.5 cm opening when the devices are engaged.

Owner’s corporations must have devices installed on all common property windows more than 2 metres above the outside ground level and any opening lower than 1.7 m from the inside floor level

Will I only be able to have the locked opening at the bottom of my window?

No, when in lockable mode, the locks restrict the window opening to 125 mm either down from the top or up from the bottom.

I have Plantation Shutters on my Sash Windows. What locks would you recommend?

Our Angel Ventlocks are perfect for this. They fit flush into the back sash.

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