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The Small Sash Window Company

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 Pulley Wheel and Sash Cord Replacement  

Poor quality pulley wheels causes friction on the rope.


Replacing Old Pulley Wheels with New Wheels

Old Pulley Wheels 

These wheels have ceased up and there is no movement in the wheel therefore causing friction and eventually leading to fraying and thinning of the rope, causing it to break.

New pulley wheels

  • No squeaky sound
  • No intermittent movement
  • Sash runs smoothly
  • Allows the rope to run with the wheel, not against it, causing no friction.

Pulley Wheels 

"Replacing your pulley wheels puts you on track for smooth running window sashes!"

Pulley Wheels 

Sash cord replacement

"Replace sash cords with traditional cotton or long lasting nylon, 6mm or 8mm sash cord

Sash Add on Weights

Add on Weights are used to counterbalance sashes.

They may need to be used with any of the following:

  • sash windows dropping due to sash glass replacement (when heavier glass is used)
  • replacement of complete windows 
  • replacement of glazed sashes with a heavier timber frame
  • replacement of broken sash cords 
  • windows previously stuck with paint